The Music Wheel is an online musical instrument for people with paralyis and quadriplegia.

This version is an early working prototype designed for an individual using a joystick controller with his jaw and is made to fit into a small area because he also has a limited field of vision. Zoom in or out on your web browser to get a size that works best with your equipment. The hope is for the Music Wheel to be a playable music instrument through digital means.

I made this as a volunteer build on my own time as a student in the M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction program at DePaul University, Chicago. The piano scale audio files are courtesy of Piano Notes 1 Octave by pinkyfinger on through Creative Commons 0 licensing.

Shellie Lewis 14. November 2018 Linked-In Profile

A sketchy drawing of three people playing music together. A woman is standing playing a flute, a man is sitting playing guitar and another man in a wheelchair is using a controller in his mouth to point to buttons on a computer screen.